Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ankle Gone Again

The saga of my right foot progresses -- just sprained it again less than 30 minutes ago going out to the mailbox. Also managed to skin my left knee and the palm of my hand.

I'm so tired of being in pain. It's been since New Years. As the first sprain on New Years healed, I ended up with plantar fasciitis and it's chronic stabbing pain. I get up out of bed in the morning and put even a little weight on my foot and it's like stepping on a knife blade that goes right into the bone. Standing up after sitting for a while, ditto. Walking any distance, ditto.

My night splint for the plantar fasciitis was delivered today down at Willa's since there's someone home there all the time and that's not the case here. I was looking forward to sleeping in it for the next 6-8 weeks in the hopes that it would be an effective treatment for me.

Earlier working with my friend Alley doing yard work and doing just dandy thank you very much. I didn't mind the slight sunburn I got either.

Yes, I'm crying. Dammit. I mind this. I mind it very much.

Heel Stuff

So, my frellin' battle with plantar fasciitis continues. After months of trying different shoe inserts, I finally found one that lets me be comfortably on my feet for more than a couple of hours & lets me walk more than half a mile without pain.

Picture me weeping with near joy. It's not as good as an orgasm or a good book but it's still darned good. Being mostly off my feet the last few months because of the pain from this has really been a drag and interfered with my exercise routines... where I could walk 2-4 miles a day comfortably, I've barely been able to manage .5 to 1 mile a day. Thus I've also gained back some of the weight I was losing too. 'Tis one of the insults of being middle aged. The mind says "Ah, you are but a youngster!" The body betrays the mind. Sigh.

I also am getting a decent brand new night splint that I got off eBay for less than half the price I could find anywhere else. $30.00 including shipping was a lot cheaper than 49.99, 59.99 or 69.99 PLUS shipping for similar splints in health care/rehab catalogs.. The pic is of the same splint I'm expecting. I reckon I'll have to wear it while sleeping for about 6 weeks. Charming.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mom's Getting A Birthday Prezzie

My mother-in-law's birthday is in a week. I've actually gotten her present ordered & paid for. I requested delivery on her birthday. should arrive on her birthday. So I feel good about that. I ran across a place where they do "pajamagrams" and they deliver pjs & a few other indulgent goodies in a pretty lil' hatbox. I hope she likes the gown I picked and had monogrammed. It's the cutest thing and doesn't have "old lady" stamped all over it.

Granted MIL is pushing hard on 80 now but a flattering up-to-date nightgown is a nice thing. If she hadn't had a couple of broken hips over the last few years, I'd have chosen a top/bottoms set with an oriental blue and white motif cos' it was smashing, so a gown is a concession to the reality that balance matters.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Brave Man

Dennis Kucinich is looking to have Bush impeached! How wonderfully brave! I just wish he'd done so sooner. Lots sooner. But that's just me not being fully satisfied with the Bush presidency. I'd like to see a successful impeachment of Bush... followed by him having to go the Hague to face a war crimes trial.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Iron Man's Suit Is Coveted

Jim and me went to see Iron Man at the late show last night. It was especially fun because I'm an old Marvel fan-girl from way back. Ok.. so we didn't see it the first few weeks that it came out... tough. I still had fun and got to laugh at all the inside jokes that er.. pepper the movie. That suit of armor was too fun and I sure wouldn't mind having it for my own.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Linguistic Profile

I did this out of curiosity after running into the link on Aunt Purls' blog.

Your Linguistic Profile:

50% General American English

25% Yankee

15% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SteamPunk Recycles

I happen to admire the Steampunk movement that Jake von Slatt (who I have in my Good Links section) is part of. I accidentally ran across him sometime last year or so and thought his stuff was PFM -- Pure Frelling Magic combining the artistic whimsy of the Victorian era with modern technology.

In his recent blog which you can get to by clicking today's article title, he talks about not being able to acquire materials from the local dump because officials fear the spread of disease... which sucks. But so many older items like old typewriters, lanterns, trunks, boilers and so on are sent to the dump instead of places where they can be bought and repurposed into the marvelous meld that is SteamPunk.

So, I'm going to ask if you read this and have any old fashioned appliances, tools, gadgets that may seem possibly Victorian that you consider keeping them out of the landfills and metal recyclers and contact your favorite steampunks so they can repurpose them into the magickal blend of beauty, form and function that they create.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yum! Dessert

One of my favorite places for an after dinner indulgence is The Flying Star... They're a locally started and grown restaurant chain here in Albuquerque. They've always had a focus on good food and even better desserts. Also, they're pretty darn socially and environmentally conscious and have been throughout their 20 year history.

Now, I haven't sampled the entire dessert menu as I already have too many favorites: chocolate mousse cake, giant eclairs (enough to share with 2-3 other friends), creme brulee, apple pie, key lime pie, and a bread pudding to die for. Some desserts I indulge in every few weeks.. like the 3x Ginger cookies or apple pie. Others, like the eclairs, tiramisu, and chocolate based goodies I try to keep as rarer treats so I don't tire of them.

So click on the title and see what the Flying Star has to offer and if you make your way to Albuquerque, then give them a try... and have dessert!