Saturday, January 12, 2013

NM Cuisine Resources for out of state folks

I was having a twitter conversation with Notbeck today during one of the games where we talked about NM food after I'd posted about having a nice big bowl of green chile stew and fresh tortillas which is fine eating on a cold day.

Notbeck hasn't been here in the Land of Enchantment for some time and misses our great regional cuisine.  They also mentioned they like cooking from the ABQ Junior League's cookbook, Simply Simpatico, and that's pretty cool.  I'm far, far from Junior League material (thank you, gods!), but the recipes in it are really good and have been collected over several decades now.  The book is in its umptyumpth printing.

I mentioned I'd put up my short list of where to get ingredients for NM style cooking and since Notbeck doesn't live here, mail order will have to do.

So, for Notbeck:

The New Mexico Connection  chile, beans, spices, and more

The New Mexico Catalog for fresh green chile