Saturday, December 20, 2014

DA Gone Bad

Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA

Now there are news reports that DA McCullough knew that some of the people who were going to testify to the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown case were 1.) lying, 2.) were going to lie, 3.) he let them lie and 4.) he has no intention of prosecuting them for perjuring themselves under oath to the grand jury.

"“Clearly some were not telling the truth,” he said during an interview on KTRS 550. He added that he's not planning to pursue charges against any lying witnesses."  Let that sink in. 

He's not going to do a damn thing about the lying witnesses.  He's gonna just let it all go.

Since when is this ethical behavior?  What puts this man above the law?  Will this man be removed from office for willful misconduct and will he be disbarred?

And he does this, I guess, because he is willing to tolerate the death of an unarmed young black man at the hands of an angry white cop.  McCullough did not stand for justice in the case of Michael Brown.  He stood for lawless policing and white supremacy.

It's stuff like this that shames America.  And it happens all too often.

image Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA