Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prof. Gates' Neighborhood

After many days of watching the news about Professor Henry Louis Gates arrest at home by the Cambridge police, I found myself wondering about the neighbor who called in the alleged burglary and wondering why the heck they didn't recognize Professor Gates as their neighbor. Why didn't they go up to him and his driver and ask him what was up? Why didn't the neighbor bother to have cultivated enough of a neighborly relationship to know he was their neighbor and that he had a legitimate right to be trying to get into his own home? So I'm just wondering what's up with that and why that particular element hasn't been part of the public discussion.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Put Up My First eBay Item For Sale Today

It's still the economy and weathering it has been challenging. Working part time is not paying the bills so in addition to job hunting for permanent full time work as an older (read over 50) female, I've decided that it was time to pare my library down. It took weeks and weeks of praying to "become willing to become willing to let go". I've been collecting a lot of books over the years, so am experimenting with selling one of my prized Robert Silverberg books, on eBay. So we shall see what that turns up for me. If I get what I think the book is worth, then I may 'empty the attic' there.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Work Walter 1916-2009

Walter Cronkite. The best news anchor of my lifetime. Affectionately called "Uncle Walter" by so many of us even though we had no relation to him. Superlatives abound for him and his exemplary work. Rest In Peace, you did good. Thank you.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some People Shouldn't Belong...

I was reading an article from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SLPC) Thursday about how the military has a deeply entrenched subculture of members who openly support or identify themselves as part of white separatist and/or neo-Nazi groups. If you click on the pics of the guys in the article, you will see some of their profiles stating their racist or national socialist leanings.

As a veteran, I got a real problem with that! I don't think those people should be part of the American armed forces. Their loyalties are not to the U.S. Constitution or the American people. I think they ought to be put out of the military with bad conduct and even dishonorable discharges for violating their enlistment oaths. Racist and neo-Nazi organizations *are* domestic enemies.

I sure don't want those people able to use the military to develop warcraft skills that they will then be able to pass along to others and that they are willing to turn against their fellow Americans.

What to do about them in the military? Call your congress critters and senators and demand an investigation and demand legislation banning these people from enlisting in our armed forces. Demand that existing military members who are parts of such organizations be discharged immediately.

To write your congress people:
To write your senators: