Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prof. Gates' Neighborhood

After many days of watching the news about Professor Henry Louis Gates arrest at home by the Cambridge police, I found myself wondering about the neighbor who called in the alleged burglary and wondering why the heck they didn't recognize Professor Gates as their neighbor. Why didn't they go up to him and his driver and ask him what was up? Why didn't the neighbor bother to have cultivated enough of a neighborly relationship to know he was their neighbor and that he had a legitimate right to be trying to get into his own home? So I'm just wondering what's up with that and why that particular element hasn't been part of the public discussion.


Anonymous said...


one never knows the intent of the Media machine. I remember back in September of 20001 the news was filled with the missing woman from Modesto and how a Congressman was behaving and what not.

The events on the 11th changed everything, but I find myself now more than seven years later completely without television.

I have acutally disconnected my basic cable, there is absolutely nothing on that I need to pay that much attention to.

I hear about it, or read about it, but I prefer watching movies...LOL

A new post? And I miss you on my blog, so I am staying in touch.


Morgan said...

Oh, I'm a newsie from way back -- I get 90% or better of news from either the print media or the internet. "Watching" in this case really refers to following a particular story as it develops over the course of several days and observing it from several points of view. It's sorta like watching the weather.

I visit your blog though I gotta admit, sometimes I don't comment because I haven't had much to say and sometimes feel like the "I second that!" kind of comments are not that productive.