Thursday, August 06, 2009


Good morning. How're you all doing today?

It's too bloody hot right now. Our NM weather has been near record breaking and our night time temps are not doing their usual 20+ degree drop from daytime temperatures. It seems like I've sweat more this summer than in previous ones.

I love camping. Some of the camping chores I'm not so fond of... like the post camping clean up. We discovered last weekend that a bottle of cooking oil had leaked into the camp kitchen box we use. There was a film of oil on most everything on the bottom of the box so, after getting home, I got to pull everything out and scrub the box out with hot soapy water. Then I got to scrub everything I pulled out of the box too! The bonus for doing this chore was getting to reclaim some wooden spoons that rightfully belong in my kitchen, not the camp kitchen! Ha!

Over the weekend camping I knit up a new washcloth. Just your basic square, knit stitch cotton wash cloth. Can't decide if I'll use it for a face cloth or for the kitchen. I'm also currently knitting up a couple cotton pads for my Swiffer.  It is so hard to justify the expense of throwaway pads. 

There was a story in Truthout about Bush & Rove and the firings of the six US Attorneys a couple years ago. Now, I worked as a temp in the city law office where David Iglesias once worked so I'm damned sure that Iglesias was doing a fine, ethically balanced job as U.S. Attorney. His character as a human being and as an attorney is exceptional and it saddened me to see politicos try to carry out the kind of hatched job on him that they did.

One of my favorite people on the planet, John Corbin, is suffering from cancer and dying. Some of you may know him from Sulpher Springs, NM, various SCA events, pagan events and Burning Man and even the military and NM Tech. If you know him, give him a shout before he passes to the Summerlands. His sons or daughters will read your messages of love and affection to him!

I got ditched by one of the people who watched this blog because I don't comment on his that often.  Sigh.  Do we really need to comment to each and every post someone makes in their blogs when we visit?  Does that make us more real or valid?

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