Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Music He Writes Isn't A Give-Away

I came across this story at Digital Music News about a musical artist, NJ White, who told a British producer "No, I won't give you my property for free."

Read it and celebrate:

Per the closing line, I'm re-blogging this story to make sure it gets spread far and wide. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A New Low In NM: Rape and Medical Torture Under Badge of Authority

Here is the story:  UnmEg3CsjAn and it included the court filings from the victim's attorneys. 

Here is what I wrote in an email to Gila Regional Medical Center: 

"This is to express my outraged disapproval over your hospital's participation in the rape and medical torture under color of authority of David Eckert and then having the gall to bill him for the acts committed against him against his consent.  What your institution has done, along with the doctors and other medical staff, was beyond immoral.    Medical misconduct like this should remain in the history books, telling about the Nazi's forced medical experimentation or the excesses of Argentine army doctors in the 70's participating in the torture and execution of dissidents and their family members.  This should not be happening in a New Mexican hospital in the United States of America.  That man was raped.  How dare you fail to stand up for Mr. Eckert and his welfare!?!? 
Every doctor, nurse and technician in your institution personally involved in this debacle should be stripped of their licenses for life!  Your ethical review panel should all resign their positions.  Your legal counsel should be disbarred.  Your institution is a disgrace and will forever known for the crimes committed against Mr. Eckert.  Whatever fines and settlements you may bestow on him later, it will never excuse the egregious abuse inflicted on that man by your institution.
With the deepest anger and contempt,

[My name
My former military rank, branch and years served ]"

I'm really pissed off about this.  The police were doing everything they could to try and construct a drug case out of thin air against this man!  And they raped him - caused him to be raped by medical doctors - to further that end and used an invalid warrant to do so!  This is disgusting.  Eckert was raped and tortured.  Here in the U.S.  In 2013.  This happened here.  I have no good will for the doctors involved in this as my letter to Gila Regional Medical Center can attest.  The police... oh, gods, they need to be investigated, taken before a grand jury, and sent to trial for their abuses of Mr. Eckert.   Fuck the war on drugs.  It has been lost and innocent people like Eckert have been brutalized for far too long for no good reason.  This is unacceptable and un-American conduct against our citizens.  It is wrong.