Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh, Susana! You Can Resign Today!

Dear Governor Susana Martinez,

Please resign now.  Already our State Supreme Court has ruled against you trying to shield polluters by violating the State Constitution.  I loved the articles I found about this.  Tells me scads about your character and, honey, it isn't very complimentary.  Impeaching you would be costly and we can't afford that in this time where deep education cuts are being made, so you can resign today.  You're subject to the law, just like the rest of us, mi hita and all the big Texas oil and NM gas energy money that was poured into your campaign coffers won't change that one iota.  Your job as Governor is to help enforce the laws of the state.  Not to break them for moneyed interests in favor of the state's citizens interests.

Morgan Sheridan... a NM born, life long resident of Albuquerque.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Work Begins For NM's New Governor

New Mexico's new, historic woman, Texas born and bred, governor shows she is just another Republican tool.

Now, we're faced with huge budget cuts that are needed because we've been hit with the same stuff as the rest of the country.  You'd think the Gov would share our pain by taking a cut in her $110,000 year salary.  But she won't.  Her reason?  It's "mandated" by the legislature.

Somehow, I think if she did the right thing and went the the legislature and said, "Let's reduce my salary by $30,000 a year," that they would be happy to oblige her.  That would be leadership by example.  But our new governor will NOT do the right thing, she will not lead as a matter of principle.  Rather, she will do the 'legal" thing in keeping with her past record as Las Cruces, NM's District Attorney.

Thus, begins our historic Susanna Martinez's gubernatorial career.  I'm sure her Texan campaign finance contributors are already making their money back on their investment.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Library cancels Moore movie screening in Enfield | connecticut

Library cancels Moore movie screening in Enfield | connecticut

Library cancels Moore movie viewing at Enfield, CT public library. This sterling example of contemporary American censorship has been sponsored by Mayor Kaupin in support of ignorance and hindering public discussion. Mayor Kaupin gave into ONE person's complaint and stopped Sicko! from being shown. This is what true minority rule is all about folks! The tyranny of the one over the needs or wants of the many. Violating the First Amendment is just such a sterling example of a person's leadership qualities, don'tcha think?

I'm guessing that the spin masters and local newsies will only say that this is just an "isolated" incident!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


There was a time in my life when I wanted to be a poet.  I started small at a young age.  In time I went from juvenile to angsty and from there to sort of competent.  Martin Kravitz, a classmate at Jefferson Jr. High, was spot on when noted in our year book predictions that I'd be an infamous poet.  That's never what I got a name for.

When I was around 18, I met a fella from Greece who persuaded me that I should read Cavafy by gifting me with a copy of his poems translated by Rae Dalven.  I was always taken by the poem Waiting For The Barbarians,  I ran across a copy of it today and found how apt it was.

Thought I'd share:

Waiting for the Barbarians

What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum?

The barbarians are to arrive today.

Why such inaction in the Senate?
Why do the Senators sit and pass no laws?

Because the barbarians are to arrive today.
What laws can the Senators pass any more?
When the barbarians come they will make the laws.

Why did our emperor wake up so early,
and sits at the greatest gate of the city,
on the throne, solemn, wearing the crown?

Because the barbarians are to arrive today.
And the emperor waits to receive
their chief. Indeed he has prepared
to give him a scroll. Therein he inscribed
many titles and names of honor.

Why have our two consuls and the praetors come out
today in their red, embroidered togas;
why do they wear amethyst-studded bracelets,
and rings with brilliant, glittering emeralds;
why are they carrying costly canes today,
wonderfully carved with silver and gold?

Because the barbarians are to arrive today,
and such things dazzle the barbarians.

Why don't the worthy orators come as always
to make their speeches, to have their say?

Because the barbarians are to arrive today;
and they get bored with eloquence and orations.

Why all of a sudden this unrest
and confusion. (How solemn the faces have become).
Why are the streets and squares clearing quickly,
and all return to their homes, so deep in thought?

Because night is here but the barbarians have not come.
And some people arrived from the borders,
and said that there are no longer any barbarians.

And now what shall become of us without any barbarians?
Those people were some kind of solution.

Constantine P. Cavafy (1904)

Now, that's a real poet. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

On The Lunatic Fringe

I found this YouTube video segment of a conversation between Rachel Maddow and Frank Shaeffer discussing "Crazy for God" about the fundamentalist religious right.  It's worth listening to: 

We need civility in our government and society.  We also need a society that uses science, math, history, art and more to grow and develop.  People waiting for the second coming or Armageddon are fearful and suspicious of anything that is fact based and reject it outright.  Yet, the fundamentalist right has also subverted the Republican party in large part and, as Shaeffer states, no one is standing up to them. 

I want the light of reason having the strongest influences on our culture especially in government, medicine and science. 

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sarah Kruzan Clemency Request Approved

Schwarzenneger did the right thing granting clemency to Sarah Kruzan as one of his last acts as governor of California. Child sex slaves, always deeply, harmfully impacted by human trafficking in the sex trade sometimes find themselves needing to survive by killing the pimp who owned them. In my eyes, that is justifiable homicide and a victim of being trafficked should not have to pay an adult penalty for it.

Good on you, Arnie! Good on you!

A Satire On That Alaskan Quitter

Why Not?

I saw an article headlined "Pope denounces abuse of Christians."  Geez.  Why settle for part measures?  Why not go the distance and denounce abuse of people in general?