Monday, January 24, 2011

Work Begins For NM's New Governor

New Mexico's new, historic woman, Texas born and bred, governor shows she is just another Republican tool.

Now, we're faced with huge budget cuts that are needed because we've been hit with the same stuff as the rest of the country.  You'd think the Gov would share our pain by taking a cut in her $110,000 year salary.  But she won't.  Her reason?  It's "mandated" by the legislature.

Somehow, I think if she did the right thing and went the the legislature and said, "Let's reduce my salary by $30,000 a year," that they would be happy to oblige her.  That would be leadership by example.  But our new governor will NOT do the right thing, she will not lead as a matter of principle.  Rather, she will do the 'legal" thing in keeping with her past record as Las Cruces, NM's District Attorney.

Thus, begins our historic Susanna Martinez's gubernatorial career.  I'm sure her Texan campaign finance contributors are already making their money back on their investment.

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