Monday, May 20, 2013

A Reply To An Anonymous Apple Executive on What They Owe America

To the Apple exec who was recently quoted as saying,  "We don't have an obligation to solve America's problems." Yes, you do.  Your company started here.  It has been helped along through the good graces of American citizens who paid into the tax system from which you benefitted indirectly and directly - with researchers, programmers, tax funds for development and building and so, so much more.  We American consumers helped nurture you as a nascent company when we bought your products for tens of thousands of dollars to put in our work places, public and private, because we recognized their intrinsic value and usefulness.  So yes, you do owe an obligation to us to help solve our nation's problems.  You do owe us a duty to try and work with us, rather than stockpile money off shore to fuel lives of conspicuous consumption and waste.  Your founder was a clever man and smart, but you're not him.  We're not paying for you to be neo-feudal princes where he only differences between you and them are that they did their own killing and that they knew what noblesse oblige and honor were. 

Sunday, May 05, 2013

What Duties?

The NRA has had their little love fest over in Texas and they're all about their rights and how they gotta protect themselves from all they fear. I've been listening to the NRA, gun clubs, gun manufacturers for years now and I still haven't heard them speak of the public and moral duties that go along with having rights.   I guess they believe they're don't have a duty to anything other than themselves.  So the carnage continues and the rivers of blood flow deeper and deeper under their indifferent, self absorbed gazes.