Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hate Is....

...so passe. So boring.

I read that since Obama was elected, hate threats have gone way up. Those people do not speak for me or mine. Just so ya know.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Transition and Flubs

So now the election is over and our President Elect is working with his transition team so that come January 20th he can hit the ground running. The "talking heads" on Obama's side aren't done preening (and I'm not sure I'm done either), and the loyal opposition (hopefully loyal), are dissecting what went wrong with McCain and the GOP.


Negative campaigning.
Not staying on message due to negative campaigning.
Breaking promise about not participating in negative campaigning.

A wife wearing a $300,000 outfit when one at $3000 would have been just fine. Put in perspective, the cost of said outfit would buy a couple modest $150,000 homes in parts of Albuquerque, Los Lunas, Belen, Bernalillo, or Rio Rancho. It would buy 25 fuel efficient Smartfortwo cars at the base price of $11,990. I'm sure other voters could come up with their own local equivalancies. It reminded us of the widening gulf between the haves and have-nots while the economy wallowed like a corracle on the Irish coast in winter.

Insulting the American public by picking a VP candidate with a severely limited worldview. I may be an idiot about some things, but at least I'm not particularly insular and have wide ranging areas of interest.

Not having a plan that was really innovative and challenging. That lack doesn't speak well for a "maverick". Sorry Mac. You want my attention, you need to get down here with us working class folks and really see what our world is like and understand we're the base. If the base is shaky and unsupported, the rest of the structure falls apart and McCain offered nothing old or new to to stabilize & secure that base.

Just another .02 in the hat.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations, President-Elect Obama!

I am moved to tears, beyond tears, with a heart bursting with joy for this momentous day of your election to the Presidency.

May the good gods keep you safe and in the good counsel of the wise and practical, but always keep your own hands on the helm. Blessed be.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's Really THAT Important: #2:

From The Associated Press:

Nov 4, 4:22 PM (ET)

"SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Betty Owen is 92 and after a stroke four years ago, needs a feeding tube and can't walk. But she was determined not to miss Tuesday's election. She arrived at her polling place on a gurney in an ambulance, where an election judge and support worker climbed aboard with an electronic voting machine and let her cast her ballot.

"And you have voted," precinct judge Sam Green said after Owen pushed the red button finalizing her choices. "You know, you look so pretty in that red dress."

Owen grinned, the San Antonio Express-News reported in Tuesday's online edition.

Her daughter arranged for the ambulance ride at the last minute after Owen failed to get an absentee ballot.

Owen, a Marine Corps veteran who served in World War II, cast her first ballot for Wendell Willkie, a Republican running against Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940.

She became a Democrat after voting for John Kennedy in 1960. She cast a straight Democratic ballot Tuesday."

Betty, ya got some moxie there babe! We love ya!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's Really THAT Important:

I've been thinking about how important voting is to our citizens and ran across this story about the efforts some people will make while other folks just skip voting altogether. Clearly if these people will make that kind of effort, then I say voting really is THAT important.

From the Associated Press:

"NYC couple travels 9,300 miles from India to vote

Nov 1, 3:05 PM (ET)

NEW YORK (AP) - A New York City couple has traveled halfway around the world in the name of civic duty.

Susan Scott-Ker and her husband arrived in New York on Wednesday after flying 9,300 miles to vote in Tuesday's presidential election. They have been working India but decided to return to New York when their absentee ballots failed to arrive. Their trip began in Bangalore with stopovers in New Delhi and Chicago.

It will be their first time voting in a presidential election. The New Zealand-born Scott-Ker and her Morroco-born husband became American citizens a year ago.

They estimate the trip will cost $5,000.""