Thursday, June 28, 2012

Affordable Health Care Upheld, Now Tea Partiers Want To Run Away To.... Canada!

So, thank you Justice Roberts for siding with the more liberal side of the bench and upholding the dignity of your office.  Everyone says Pres. Obama won on this and yes, I agree.  But you won one for the dignity of the court when there has been little from your colleagues Alito, Scalia and Thomas in that direction.

I've heard giggles all day about the reaction from some Tea Partiers who are now threatening to move lock, stock and barrel up to Canada.  Our neighbors in the north who DO have single payer health care and some of the most restrictive gun laws in the Western Hemisphere.



and here

so I I need to say GFL, guys and gals?

So you say you're willing to part with your pistols, sawed off shotguns and all the other prohibited firearms you have in order to emigrate to Canada.  Then you get to deal with Canadian Immigration.  Oh joy and delight in the morning! Go see what that entails.  They have a point system regardless of which immigration path you take.

Skilled Workers and Professionals

As for "Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self Employed" persons I like this:  "Business immigrants are expected to make a C$800,000 investment or to own and manage businesses in Canada, and must meet certain experience and/or net worth criteria."   That is not negotiable.  It is an expectation.  Can you would-be expats do that?  Here's what it says more broadly about "Investors, Entrepreneurs and the Self Employed"

And highlighting investors I see Canada immigration states:  "The Immigrant Investor Program seeks experienced business people to invest C$800,000 into Canada’s economy and become permanent residents. Investors must:
  • show that they have business experience
  • have a minimum net worth of C$1,600,000 that was obtained legally and
  • make a C$800,000 investment.
Your investment is managed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and is guaranteed by the Canadian provinces that use it to create jobs and help their economies grow."

Do ya have about $2.5 million to spare, you might be in, but do remember you won't get to divert that money back to the US or a few other places I can think of. 

And so sorry, according to their site, Canada's entrepreneur path is closed for the time being so getting in as an entrepreneur is, well, a no go.

What about self employed?  If you're going to buy and run a farm, great!  If you can contribute to the cultural life or the athletic life of Canada, pretty good, but you gotta prove you can support yourself AND the whole famdamnbly from the day they let you in. 

And those are just a few highlights. So I'm snickering because I don't think there's 1 in a 1000 of you able to cut the mustard who'd actually be able to meet Canada's immigration requirements.  And as far as their "adaptability" requirements, I don't think you could manage since you clearly haven't adapted to having a black man as President of the US right here at home.

The adaptability thing is important because among other things Canada allows gay marriage and women have full and equal rights ratified by law, so you can't go to Canada and expect them to live up to your prejudices either!

And if you're thinking you might be a political refugee, there's this!

But do go and have a great rest of your day now!   Thanks for the giggle fest!