Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh, Susana! You Can Resign Today!

Dear Governor Susana Martinez,

Please resign now.  Already our State Supreme Court has ruled against you trying to shield polluters by violating the State Constitution.  I loved the articles I found about this.  Tells me scads about your character and, honey, it isn't very complimentary.  Impeaching you would be costly and we can't afford that in this time where deep education cuts are being made, so you can resign today.  You're subject to the law, just like the rest of us, mi hita and all the big Texas oil and NM gas energy money that was poured into your campaign coffers won't change that one iota.  Your job as Governor is to help enforce the laws of the state.  Not to break them for moneyed interests in favor of the state's citizens interests.

Morgan Sheridan... a NM born, life long resident of Albuquerque.

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