Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some People Shouldn't Belong...

I was reading an article from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SLPC) Thursday about how the military has a deeply entrenched subculture of members who openly support or identify themselves as part of white separatist and/or neo-Nazi groups. If you click on the pics of the guys in the article, you will see some of their profiles stating their racist or national socialist leanings.

As a veteran, I got a real problem with that! I don't think those people should be part of the American armed forces. Their loyalties are not to the U.S. Constitution or the American people. I think they ought to be put out of the military with bad conduct and even dishonorable discharges for violating their enlistment oaths. Racist and neo-Nazi organizations *are* domestic enemies.

I sure don't want those people able to use the military to develop warcraft skills that they will then be able to pass along to others and that they are willing to turn against their fellow Americans.

What to do about them in the military? Call your congress critters and senators and demand an investigation and demand legislation banning these people from enlisting in our armed forces. Demand that existing military members who are parts of such organizations be discharged immediately.

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