Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SteamPunk Recycles

I happen to admire the Steampunk movement that Jake von Slatt (who I have in my Good Links section) is part of. I accidentally ran across him sometime last year or so and thought his stuff was PFM -- Pure Frelling Magic combining the artistic whimsy of the Victorian era with modern technology.

In his recent blog which you can get to by clicking today's article title, he talks about not being able to acquire materials from the local dump because officials fear the spread of disease... which sucks. But so many older items like old typewriters, lanterns, trunks, boilers and so on are sent to the dump instead of places where they can be bought and repurposed into the marvelous meld that is SteamPunk.

So, I'm going to ask if you read this and have any old fashioned appliances, tools, gadgets that may seem possibly Victorian that you consider keeping them out of the landfills and metal recyclers and contact your favorite steampunks so they can repurpose them into the magickal blend of beauty, form and function that they create.

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