Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Genarlow Wilson Prediction

I want to follow up a bit on Genarlow Wilson. My prediction is that he is going to prove to be an outstanding human being throughout his life. He lived through one of the most unjust prison sentences I've ever seen and within a day or so of his release was candid and gracious toward the men who prosecuted him and sent him to jail. According to CNN:

"Although Wilson believes his sentence was foul, he tells CNN that he understood that prosecutors were just doing their jobs, and he's not blaming anyone.

"We did everything we had to do throughout the court system, and justice was finally prevailed," he said. "No words really can explain how thankful me and my family are. The Bible says there’s a time and season for everything. I guess that time finally came.”"

Lemme tell ya, folks, that is grace personified.


Villager said...

I agree with your prediction for Genarlow Wilson...

Morgan said...

Thank you. This appaling case of perverted justice has been on my mind ever since I first heard about it in the news 3-3 years ago. I doubt that any reasonable person saw anything right in how this kid was treated.