Monday, November 05, 2007

'Burque Segue

'Burque is shortspeak for Albuquerque. Rhymes with turkey. Everyone not from here says Albuquerque is a mouthful. I like to think most of us around here are a pleasant people on the most part. Certainly we got some quirks and an interesting sense of humor. Take food, for instance.

In fact, local eateries all around town have a version of the Albuquerque Turkey sandwich on their menu. Ideally, this sandwich should be done with grilled sourdough bread just barely kissed with a sweep or two of clarified butter so the bread carmelizes to that perfect golden brown on a griddle. Lay on a couple thin slices of provlone while the bread grills and smoothe on a couple tablespoons diced fresh roasted Hatch green chile so they melt into the cheese. Layer 3 full slices of moist turkey breast and cover with the second slice of grilled bread. Turn once. Serve with guacamole on the side to dip the sandwich in or add as a spread. Mm-wah! The frou-frou -- lettuce and tomato can be ignored unless they're exquisitely garden fresh, in which case get extra! I like salad on the side with my sandwich, but that's part of keeping my cholesterol down too.

Oh and there is the famous New Mexican green chile cheeseburger that Bill Clinton used to love. He'd get a few from Monroe's whenever he was campaigning in or around Albuquerque. It was always local news. And he had good taste. They make a fine, juicy burger and oh! the green chile they get to go with it! Yee-haw! Good stuff! Of course now, I smirk everytime I go past there. I did win myself a tee-shirt out of Clinton's sex scandal. It was a contest where writers "confessed to having sex with Clinton, too!" It was total fiction of course; folks like me don't get in messes like that. But I like the local connection anyway. Just that tiny faint lil' thread of one. Course, I don't get to eat too many of those tasty wonders these days, what with trying to keep up with my diet and exercise.

No doubts here. I'm seriously watching how things are shaping up with Hillary and Barrak these days. They both have their merits. Although what either of them will be saddled with when Shrub goes is anyone's guess -- it's messy now, but in the next 441 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes and counting, who knows what more will be added to the mess? Oh, and speaking of messes, how about what's happening in Pakistan with Mousharrif suspending the constitution there and then going after the lawyers instead of the Taliban and Al-Quaeda? That's a scary mess. I STF (work it out) don't want nukes getting into those two groups hands. No. Not at all. Brinksmanship is not a game zealots play. It was bad enough living through it with Kennedy and Kruschev.

Tonight's local news carried a story about a 3 year old toddler who was the victim of an accidental shooting. The guy who shot him was a 20 year old. A kid himself. I'm sure there will be the usual polling to get the work on the guy's rep. I asked my hubby Jim, "What are people thinking when they bring handguns out in the presence of toddlers?" I reckon if ya gotta be a gun owner and ya need to have it out, how about locking yourself up in a room separate from the rest of the family area? Or waiting until the kid(s) are in bed asleep? Some preliminary words are that the shooter was the kid's father. I wanna smack him upside the head for being immature and way stupid. I get real tired of stupid human tricks and I so, so do not want to hear any reportage of the shooter getting whiny and saying stuff like: "I didn't think anything like this could happen!" Bull shite! Well he'd be right, he wasn't thinking! Yet, it's exactly the first thing he should've thought of when he bought the gun. He had a kid in the house, fer crying out loud! Gun safety shouldn't be an afterthought!

On the other hand, I'm NOT going to agitate for even more anti-gun laws because of this either. Our 2nd Amendment rights are in place for a reason and I wouldn't support repealing it anytime soon.

Painting is "Autumn in San Antonio, NM" by Carl Von Hassler

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