Sunday, November 11, 2007

You Gotta See For Yourself

As my good friends know, I'm a news reader. I have been this way all my life. My dad taught me to read the newspaper, The Saturday Evening Post and Time Magazine. One story at a time, starting at the front and reading to the back. One did not strew the sections apart. I still read like that. After he died and my mother went back to work when I was in 4th grade, I discovered to great glee, that when Time (among others), was delivered on Wednesdays that I could read it cover to cover before Mom got home from work. "What a deal!", I reckoned, "I don't have to wait til Saturday, anymore! Friday if I'm really lucky!" Ok, Mom got to read in between dealing with the six of us, mediating our spats, cooking, teaching us household chores and her working and going to night school to brush up on her bookkeeping and stenography skills. I liked it too, sitting curled up in the living room, in the formal wingback, the curtains drawn to bring in the sunlight.

My imagination has been captured over the years by a hugely eclectic variety of stories. Some stories can resonate deeply with me for some reason, others I forget promptly by the time I've read the last word. Sports has typically been drier for me than the business reports. Now, I'm sincerely glad there are ways to embed these 'bits' because sometimes, when I was a kid and would tell people that I'd read about stuff like this, I thought they thought I was just making this stuff up. And a "So There!" to 'em if they did think that!

So here's this clip about a kickboxer who also happens to be a glamorous model and I think her intrepidness must be similar to what some of my favorite science fiction writers have in mind when writing some of their cool heroines.

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