Friday, March 07, 2008

Romantic Steampunkery

As some of you might know from searching my links, I like to visit The Steampunk Workshop from time to time. Jake has a marvelous take on things we use today --- merging them with a Victorian design ethic that is handsomely machined and hand tooled - like steam engines. I like them. I like the aesthetics of them. Gilding the lily is often sweet.

Jake just featured Dave Veloz's steampunked mini mac setup that was a gift to his bride to be. It's a work of art, so go have a look. Just click on the the title line and you'll get there, ok? Have fun looking, but don't blame me if you start salivating. After all, you're also the types who imagined stuff like this while reading Well's "TheTime Machine" or more recently S.M. Stirlings "The Peshawar Lancers."

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