Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oughta Hear, Oughta See

....the tone of casual dismissal in Pervez Musharrif's voice when he says it's not amongst his government's priorities in Pakistan to look for Bin Laden; declaiming it was a tribal issue. It's really disingenuous. If I ever pulled an disinegnuous tone like that in front of my Mom, she would've slapped me silly & then proceed to "expand my conscientiousness" about what I owed to humanity.

...and see the new documentary on PBS, "The Jewish Americans segment "Home". It's a really well done work and asks some interesting philosophical question that are looking forward to the future.

I hear Suharto is taking his time on his deathbed over there in Indonesia. He was a bastard in a lot of ways. Does anyone here ever think what would happen if a purge occurred in our own governments? What would the implications be for us average jacks & jills? What do you think?

Mmm... Fred Thompson dropped out of the Presidential race on the Republican party side. Not enough money, not enough votes and a lot dour seeming. Governor Richardson on the Democratic side dropped out last week after New Hampshire. He's let us New Mexican's know he's "back." Oh and he's growing a beard now. Da gov'ner is not one of those guys who looks good with 3, 4 days worth of stubble. But hey, it's good to be home. The campaign trail is a bit rough on a fella.

Ran across two separate stories about stupid criminals shooting themselves in their asses while committing their petty crimes. A third guy, a robber shot himself in his foot with a .45. I really wanna cheer them on... maybe they'll get it right and hit an artery or at least do a self-vasectomy! They should. Shouldn't they?

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