Thursday, January 24, 2008

Honestly, Bill....

.... I never did give a rats ass about that blowjob thing. I promise. I voted for ya both times. Happily and on purpose even. I liked you just fine as president for the most part.

Bill, I know you're a charming son of the South. You're also being Hillary's gallant defender these days, but hon... ya gotta listen to me: "It's time to shut up about Obama. Really. This is her fight now with Obama and she's gotta hold her own in this, defend herself and you gotta step back on this, just like she had to when the stuff hit the fan over Monica!" ya hear?

I'm just saying this cos I like ya and yeah... you're still hot and it'd just suck to see you screw Hillary's run with the Lancelot routine. Be sweet, huh hon?

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