Sunday, September 02, 2007

Urinals....Practically Speaking

I was reading Joel Stein's "The Impossible Dream" in the LA Times wherein he talked about a modest home improvement -- installing a urinal in his house. It made sense to me. But there were :::gasp::: realtors and others who were throwing up their hands aghast at such a thing! It would devalue the house! Hmmm?

Stein's got a point and the comment that urinals are "too aggressively masculine" to us women is apt, too. Of course, back when in-home bathrooms truly became a fixture, the urinal was absent even then, so we women aren't even used to the idea in our visual references. Realistically, Stein makes sense and we could get used to seeing a urinal in the bathroom. After all, for some Americans a bidet is as important to their bathroom experience as it is to the French. We don't even blink twice seeing bidets featured in mid-to-high end ads for bathroom fixtures.

The simple fact is I'm unambitious about vigorious housekeeping these days. If something is easy to clean and keep up, I'm all for it. These days, it a thing contributes to water or fuel economy, I'm also in favor of it. The urinal seems to fit the bill and if my dear husband and I ever do get to afford adding on and doing a proper bathroom, I will be sure to include a urinal in the plans as well. Probably a waterless variety. Given that my daydream for a proper bath add-on includes installing a composting toilet, a simple urinal is hardly a stretch mentally.

Lest you think the urinal should be hidden, see for an artist's exhibit of floral inspired urinals.

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