Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Autumn Equinox Camping

Going camping Thursday thru Sunday! Ah yes! I can barely wait. It's almost midnight here, but I've been up and down half the evening packing. Now this is festival kind of camping, so in addition the usual jeans/shirt/sandals, now I get to add in a skirt, a pretty length of cloth for a sarong or top or shawl, a few extra gauds and baubles not to mention warm clothes for possible rain and cold. After all that, a pair of boots, sneakers and sandals. I've got an old Army parachute bag I pack it all. It's that time of year in New Mexico when the weather in the mountains can go between two or even three extremes. I mentioned this back in "Winter In A Can" on another site.. That was the first of May-o! And it snowed.

I've already pre-cooked a pot of vegetarian pinto beans and frozen them up (thawing and reheating ie easy), and I'll be making up a separate batch of hamburger meat cooked with green chili for the omnivores who like meat with their beans. And then there's a batch of mac and cheese to cook up as well. I've got a stove top recipe that's really good!For 4 days of festival camping in the woods, I want the convenience of food I just have to reheat. I'm seriously wanting to meet up with a tree to lean against while reading a good book for part of an afternoon, attend a ritual or two, maybe a workshop. Maybe even dance around the fire if there's a fire to dance around. The moon's waxing full in the first quarter, so I probably won't need a flashlight to walk around with, my night vision is still pretty decent. Hmmm... maybe I should bring a couple of the solar yard lights? Put 'em near the tent.

Oh... and we're bringing the dog too. I don't get out of walking her, just for this. And you said what about the kitchen sink?

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