Saturday, September 29, 2007

Recent Nooz...cough

Even since I was a kid, I've had a notion about what an ideal society is and what I'd like in that society. I also learned early on that notions of what constitutes "ideal" is subject to frequent and regular change.

It's no surprise that in my ideal universe a lot of things get tossed out...

... like the son-of-a-bitch who molested that kid in Nevada that was on the news this week. Tossing him out the airlock of the space station would do it for me. Gods, I really hope she's a strong, tough one with a good mind and a strong, loving family surrounding her closely for as long as she needs. One part is over for her, but there is a whole other part ahead of her. I'm glad the news is the kid is safe. The cops really want the scum-bag. I hope they do get him!

... Now OJ's circling the drain again. He couldn't have had his attorney hire a private investigator for this business over his memorabilia since, according to him, the cops don't want to come to his aid when bad things happen to him? It would've been a whole lot simpler and tidier.

... that prosecutor in Jena, LA outta be packin' it in, too. That kind of human being just does not belong in my ideal world. I'm a 53 year old white woman and I figure that if I were a black person of any age, knowing the history of the south, that seeing a noose hanging from a tree would make me feel fearful, upset, defensive, hurt, disappointed and angry all at once. That's what threats do to people. The intention behind that particular threat display IS to make people feel those things emotions and more. Specifically, it's meant to make Black's feel those emotions. That's wrong. That's terrorizing behavior and it's a lot worse than fighting back against being terrorized. What on earth is he thinking trying to haul kids up on attempted murder charges when the result of the boy's fight so clearly had no little medical effect on the other as it did? That's just unreasonable.

... still, Dubya hangs on with the tenacity of a rat to his so called foreign policy and things like the Patriot Act which I wrote about in the previous article. If someone had told me 40 years ago that I'd view my own country's government as morally bankrupt, I'd have told you it couldn't happen. Base corruption like Teapot Dome and Watergate existed. But it takes a little extra something gone bye-bye to become morally bankrupt as well and I sure couldn't have imagined that growing up.

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