Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Good Company

Today is one of those days where I'm gratified to see that other people recognize the government's leeward drift toward a fascism and are speaking up about it. I think I lack naive assumptions about privacy and reckon if the government wants to disappear me, that it can happen easily and conveniently. It doesn't matter that I'm just your garden variety wage earner and not a mover and shaker. It does matter that I have a basic education and that I can write.

Didja notice how our Congress has oh so quietly on cat's paw feet approved billions more in spending for this damn war in Iraq. Are you watching out there? You ordinary jacks & jills? Are you ready to get mobile? Get out and vote? Ready to take back what's your's by right?

Check out Wild Chihuahuas in my Good Links while you're at it. I ran across it via

Fact is I'm just an ordinary American gal. I love my country. I'm neither liberal nor conservative. Extremes worry me. But I'm just real sick of BU**SH**. That's just the truth.

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