Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'd Like To See A New National Service Corps

I want to stop politicians from pork projects like that one up in Alaska where their congresscritter wanted to build a new bridge to an island with barely 100 people on it. Seems they were doing fine getting back and forth with small boats and didn't much want it anyway.

The reality is that a lot of the US's infrastructure is really decaying and in need of everything from maintenance to outright rebuilding. That levee failure in New Orleans following Katrina, bridge collapse in Minnesota last week and the flooding of New York's subways yesterday all highlight that problem.

So I'd like to see a new National Infrastructure Service Corp dedicated to serving the infrastructure needs of the country, providing a large pool of people to work in everything labor up to civil, mechanical and electrical engineering and it should have career tracking available. This would take the old CCC concept and expand on exponentially. People could enlist for 3-4 years and they could re-up regularly and make a career out of it.

As a service corp. it could be the most flexible in that could take men and women from 18 years all the way up into their 60s as long as they're in good general health. And because of the range of work that would need to be done and supported older workers could bring their past job skills to the Infrastructure Corps.

Funding for this service would come out of the funds previously diverted to pork projects. Also, it could help stop outsourcing as some of our infrastructure maintenance has been given to companies not tied to the US.

Just a plan...

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