Monday, August 06, 2007

Cheney Motorcade Ties Up My Commute

That's right folks. Dick Cheney, Vice President of War Profiteering screwed up my drive into work this morning. It started just like any other day. Sleep til 8:15, get up.

Do the morning ablutions (nifty word, huh?), pour coffee, get dressed. Make breakfast, read the news, read a few blogs here and there. Post a blog and off to work, kiss DH bye & zip out the door by 10:00.

Ziggy on down to the freeway.


Cop cars are blocking the freeway entrance. Alternate route time. I know my alternate routes for sure. Got 'em down pat.

So I ziggy off and hit my alternates...Down Avenida Cesar Chavez to Broadway, up Coal to Oak hang a left. Oh man! That ramp's closed too. On it goes, going north and each one of their freeway entries were blocked by still more cops.

Four ramps closed! Four!

F*** me to tears... C'mon its only supposed to be a 12 minute drive fer pete's sake! And I'm stuck in traffic on the frontage road which is moving at a snail's pace. So I call in to work that I might be late. Smart move. Glad I got a bluetooth headset.

Finally, I see a line of cars racing north on the freeway then veering east. Sure the heck looked like a motorcade and I'm wondering who the hell it would be for. Nothing in the news about anything important locally last night. I watched. Stop at the light near Menaul and there's a cop, so I ask him what's up.

"The Vice President," he says.

"F***!" says I.

He nods.

Later, on the evening news, local stations all have stories about the Veep going to some meeting with old retired Marines to get support for the Surge.


That wanker Cheney made me late for work!

I haven't been late for work in 8 years!

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