Sunday, December 03, 2006

Little Bites

The last few days, I've had a helluva a time getting anything written. The only things that have come easily is commenting on other blogs.

This last week I read Zainab Salbi & Laurie Berklund's "Between Two Worlds; Escape From Tyranny: Growing Up In The Shadow Of Saddam." It is a compelling and harrowing read of Salbi's life as the daughter of Saddam's personal pilot and the stark fear in which silence becomes one of the keys to survival in the face of Hussein's rule. Reading this makes me aware again how privileged we Americans and Europeans really are. Don't pass this book by.

21 on the 21st. DH and I will be celebrating our 21st Anniversary the day before this year's Winter Solstice. I was really kind of hoping the Solstice would be on the 21st this year as well, but :::sigh::: it isn't to be. Does this mean our marriage is now adult, too?!?

Pedalling my ass. Later this afternoon, DH and I are going to get me a new bicycle. The weather is NOT perfect for bicycling, but that's ok - it will give us time to get the tires puncture proofed and the bike set up comfortably for me . I've already scoped it out and it's not going to be anything fancy, but it will have some nice features -- like a wider seat and shocks with a 'soft tail'.

Two weeks of hell. PDA Training at work. Starting tomorrow: from 6 a.m. in the morning to 2:30 p.m. :::whimper::: I'm not a morning person. Really. I promise. I've got to start waking up at 4:15 in order to be up on my feet and out the door by 5:20. This means bed time by 9:30 at the latest. And I still won't be really alert until somewhere around 10 a.m. :::grumble:::

Jay's memorial service is finally set for January 13th in San Francisco. My time off was approved, I've got my and place to stay. All I need to do when I get there is pick up a Muni pass and I'm set for getting around. I do hope the weather's good because when I'm there I love walking up most of the hilly streets there - it does wonders for my legs and arse. That kind of exercise also means I can enjoy things like clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls on the wharf and chocolate truffles from Joseph Schmidt's. Mmmm... chocolate....

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