Thursday, December 14, 2006

Big Media & Bad News

If you want real News - speak up. Entertainment news is NOT real news. It's just bread and circuses to spare you from having to think critically and analytically about serious things like foreign policy, civics and good government, human rights and more.

Common Cause: No More Consolidation


Mike Lawson said...

I hear you. It has gotten so bad, I just watch the weather (and it with a grain of salt) and disregard the rest of the tripe. I get most of my news from reading and I am not real tickled with a lot of it either. So many agendas, so little substance and truth.

Morgan said...

Thanks for visiting Mike. I've read a few of your comments on Tommy's blog.

I'd rather have to work my way through print media. Agendas and points of view are close cousins. Truth is not always black and white, I find. Ideally it should be, but life experiences along with our personal values shape how we perceive it.