Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dylan Roof Sentenced To Death

My last blog post of 2015 was about Dylan Roof's sister complaint over her wedding having been ruined by the attention on her brother, so this is as good a place to pick up as any.

So, Dylan Roof went to trial and was convicted of his hate crime murders.  Then there was another trial for his sentencing.  In between there was a bit of back and forth about whether he was competent, him defending himself or not, etc.  But when all is said and done, he was guilty, was convicted and now he has been sentenced to death in federal court.

I caught a short blurb where he is reported to have said that he had opportunities to NOT kill the black worshippers, who he gulled into a false sense of security, but that he "had to kill them." He's a racist and he believed he had to kill them for the sake of defending the white race and whatever racist ideology backed him up.

His rationalization is bullshit.  He didn't have to kill them.  He defended nothing. He killed because he wanted to. Now, in due time, the nation will kill him.  Frankly, I don't care. I'm not for the death penalty, but my own retributive streak would bury him in a maximum security prison's SHU/CMU which would ban him from most elements of human (and humane) contact, seeing the sky, going outdoors, talking with other people, as well as limiting what he could read and write with the idea of preventing him from putting his thoughts out into the public domain. Who knows?  Maybe he'll get a lot of that before he is killed by the state for his murderous racism.

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