Monday, July 14, 2014

Your Consideration Requested

Not too long ago, in May and in another forum, I wrote a message to an acquaintance, a person I've long respected asking for input on a question that was and remains of concern to me.   The person I asked is a person who, over the years, has regularly written about honoring and respecting people's innate humanity and has been a well regarded voice of wisdom and compassion in a broader community.  Yet I received no reply.  Finally, a few days short of two months I broke down prodded said respected person about an answer to that question. 

A few moments after that prodding, I received an answer that I'd waited two months on.  It was along the lines of "I've learned not to comment on XYZ topic."  All right.  It's an answer.  It's basic, short honest answer.  My reply to that acquaintance was that I can accept that, but what I can't understand is leaving me to think my question was unworthy of any reply.  Thinking on it more, I still don't get it.

How hard is it to reply within 24-48 hours of getting a message asking a question?  I can understand unavoidable delays and circumstances.  But making a person wait and wait?  Where is the common courtesy in that? 

There is also a set of non-verbal messages that gets conveyed when someone ignores another person's questions and includes things like:  You don't matter.  You're not valuable.  Your concerns are (choose as many as fits the bill):
A. Worthless
B.  Unfounded
C.  Controversial
D.  Pointless
E.  blah, blah, blah. 

I don't regret the asking. 


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