Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Gussie Goes To Casa Esperanza For Charity

Today, I donated my 1993 Ford Taurus wagon, that I once named Gussie, to Casa Esperanza in Albuquerque.  Gussie's been a good car, but is old and tired and ready to be taken apart and have its working and useful parts sold and the money used for good purposes.

Casa Esperanza provides temporary housing ('lodging services") at reduced costs for family members of cancer patients who have travel to Albuquerque hospitals for cancer treatment. 

This is the second vehicle Jim and I have donated to charity.  It is a great way to recycle and help others at the same time.  I hope you will consider this option for dealing with an older car the next time you end up with a new(er) car.  Trade-ins are good, but recycling cars, boats, motorcycles and the like to help others is pretty nifty too.


Jesse said...

Hi Morgan,

this is such a nice thing you did for your community and for the Environment and in that case ...since I'm being intuitive, for the Universe.

thanks for sharing...


Morgan said...

Aw, thanks! Good to see you visit! Hope you're doing well!

Rachel and Rebecca said...

Gussie will live on in the valuable work of Casa Esperanza! I too have donated two cars, and it is a good thing for the environment as well as the social cause it is benefiting. It also expresses the mindset that nothing is “outside” the system; you can’t just throw something “away”, because there IS no “away”! A paradigm more need to adopt…so glad to see you’ve joined our site, the Pierced Pomegranate Tavern – hope you’ll enjoy and join in the discourse on social issues through the lens of the show True Blood from a feminist perspective there as we intend to do here! Peace! P.S. I appreciate and resonate with the 2 quotes you have on the left-hand side of your blog!

Rachel and Rebecca said...

Oops...in my first comment I noted that I love the 2 quotes to the left...I now see several more...which also love!

Morgan said...

Hi Rachel and Rebecca,

Thank you for visiting. Glad you enjoyed my list of quotes.

I think that donating cars and stuff like that is among the better practices we can follow for the environment and the betterment of society, so to speak. I'm glad to have discovered the Pierced Pomegranate Tavern ... and appreciate our shared affection for True Blood. I enjoy your expositions on it.