Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thrilled For New York's Gays Achieving Marriage Equality

The Marriage Equality Act passed earlier tonight in New York State.  Progress is being made and I'm grateful.  I am also sad because I never got to see my kid brother marry the man he loved before he died.  He lived in California and he died in 2006.   It's stupid he couldn't marry a man he loved and spent nearly 15 years with.  So I'm glad.  I hope to see  Marriage Equality across the country before I die.  It'd be good and I do what I can to help make it happen... even if it's just talking about the personal side of it.  My brother was a good man.  A jerk at times, but a good man.  His partner was a decent guy and I'd have been happy to have him as a brother in law.   The progress is good.  It can stand to get better.

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