Friday, April 22, 2011

No More McDonalds, McDonalds

Hiya.  McDonald's in Baltimore just lost their company a life long customer.  Their employees witnessed and filmed a brutal attack on a trangendered woman and did NOTHING whatsoever to help the victim, not even after the victim started to have a seizure.

This is the note I sent them on their website:

"I am 56 years old.  I've been a life long McDonalds customer. For the record, I'm a straight woman married 25 years.  Today I learned of the assault in one of your Baltimore stores against a trangender person where YOUR stores staff did absolutely nothing to help the victim.  see:

As a matter of conscience, because of this incident, in good faith, I find I can no longer wait for McDonald's to step up and create a culture of tolerance where McDonald's employees will do the right thing by all the visitors to the store.  Therefore, after all these years, I will no longer be doing business with McDonald's and/or its franchisees.  I will also be blogging this to my blog at

The fact that your morally bankrupt employees failed to render aid to another human being in danger told me everything I need to know about McDonald's business model for the rest of my life.

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