Friday, March 25, 2011

On Wisconsin - Links to Articles by Prof. William Cronan

Prof. Cronnan wrote an op ed piece published in the NYT  which discusses corporate involvement in Wisconsin Governor Walker's union busting activities which serves only the interest of folks like the Koch brothers while demonizing state workers.

Cronan asks who and what's behind the legislation Walker rammed through here and discusses a semi-secret conservative organization known as ALEC and thoughtfully explores the conservative heart behind it with academic rigor and respect.  Even so, I admit I felt chilled all the way here in NM on a very warm day after reading through that and after perusing ALEC's site.

Now he's being targeted for retaliation by Republicans in Wisconsin where he is a working professor of history.  

Evil days, my friends.  Evil deeds.  Greed has become the master of the mighty.  Make no mistake:  We working people are their targets and the greedy have but one goal for us:  yokes and collars.

I will not submit.