Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goodbye, Billie J.

The last eight months, I've been taking care of an elderly lady with dementia.  It has been one of the most pleasant jobs I've had in my working career.  Billie was part of a loving, lovely family and this evening she passed away. She had been in a short term nursing facility after a fall left her with a broken pelvis and she seemed to be ok.  But tonight Billie died suddenly and peacefully.  I'm going to miss her like the dickens.

Her daughter Judy called to let me know right after calling her brothers and sister-in-law which was a pretty nice honor and I was able to go to short term facility to say goodbye to her before her mortal body was taken away, and to hug and cry with the people who've loved her best for over 65 years.  Billie and her husband Larry were married for 67 years this year and she was the love of his life.

Gods, I was so blessed to get to work for her and to get to know her family.


Wendy said...

You both were blessed to have shared such a bitter-sweet and sacred time together...

Paula Duarte said...

So sorry for your loss Morgan. Each of us touch others in our own special way. I am sure that both of you were a beacon in each others lives.

As my alias once wrote to Carrie Fisher:
We are all strange and beautiful beings; snowflakes floating from the heavens at light speed towards earth. Don’t try to please me, let me see you as you are this moment, whether that is glistening in the sun or a in a dark torrential of flurries. It is for me to find the beauty and appreciate it. You only have to be.