Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Small Bites

That's what it says on a white SMART car''s license that zips around town:  BITESZ.  First time I saw it, it made me chortle with glee.  Now, it just makes me smile.

Found a new blog to read and subscribed; it's smart and thoughtful.  Got an email back asking if I was real.  He got the wiseacre reply. A gal's gotta go for the laughs now and then.

I've been in a generally happy mood lately.  Yah, I know everything is going to hell in a hand basket around us lately and I sure don't have any control over that.  But I got two little old ladies with dementia who I get to take care of during the week who I like.  The pay is tolerable and because of it,  I've managed to pay down a few debts to where they're almost 'bite sized' and I'm not so direly stressed from worry.  I did ask the gods for this -- just plain, simple honest work that gives their families a bit of respite time so they can recharge and take care of their own needs.  Service work.  Nothing fancy.  But a whole lot more real than some of the %($!#  ya see goin' on out in the business/media/politics dominated workaday world these days.

I went to another Coffee Party meeting Saturday.  Interesting group.  There must be some vestige of optimism in me that maybe we Americans of myriad stripes can actually have a civil conversation and maybe even work toward common goals even if we don't always totally agree on everything.  This country could stand people wanting to get some win-win action going for it.  The old system isn't working so good.  I was so right to worry about times like these the way I did back during the first Reagan term.

Getting out of Dodge Thursday with hubby and the dog to go camping in the Jemez with friends.  Maybe we'll do a small, slightly belated Solstice celebration as well.  That'll rock!  I have only been going to the Jemez since I was a tender 16 months old... so for about 54 of my 55 years.  

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Magaly Guerrero said...

Glad your glass is half full; that's the spirit! I like living life the same way, the alternative is just too exhausting and it doesn't make anyone happy. The old lady and her family are lucky to have you and it seems that the same applies to you, huh?

Hope your belated Midsummer celebration went well and that you had a great 4th of July!