Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Years Laws & Stuff

The AP posted an article about new laws slated to take effect around the country as the new year kicks in.  One lady's comment made me think she's just very rich or very stupid.

The article said:  "America's roads should be safer in 2010, as bans on texting while driving go into effect in New Hampshire, Oregon and Illinois. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, that will make 19 states that have outlawed the practice, not including six states that prohibit using hand-held cell phones while behind the wheel.

"This legislation is important and will make our roads safer. No driver has any business text messaging while they are driving," said Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, whose office regulates drivers.
Tina Derby, 42, of Warner, N.H., said she has no intention to stop texting while driving, despite the possible $100 fine she could receive.
"I'd better start saving my money," Derby said."
I'm thinking she is deluding herself.  With that statement as a matter of public record, she is stating that she is willing to disregard public safety for her own pleasure.  That would become criminal in the event she is ever in an accident while texting.  She's stated her intent.  If there is a loss of life or limb to someone else as a result of an accident she is involved in while behind the wheel, I would think that an argument for depraved mind enhancement could legitimately be made.  Stupid people.


VioletRayne said...

Since she's already admitting it, they should arrest her before it even happens!

Morgan said...

Actually, the fact is that legally law enforcement cannot do that. A crime has to be committed first.

However, since she is officially on record as to her intention and plan to disregard public safety, I reckon prosecutors would have very little difficulty in obtaining 'enhancement' level charges should, god's forbid, she actually get in and/or otherwise cause an accident that results in loss of life or limb.

On the other hand, we really don't want to surrender our liberties either... thinking of doing something wrong doesn't necessarily lead to committing a wrongdoing. :)