Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Gadget Lust

The other day I found myself with one of my sisters in Lowes.  She's doing a major house fix 'em up.  That's what she's calling it.  I call it remodeling.  While Margo was looking for a new fridge, I was over in the tools department and having my usual Pavlovian response:  gadget lust.   Tweak, tweak, tweak.  Found the perfect tool for hubby on our 24th anniversary this year - a multisocket wrench by Black and Decker. A few years ago, I scored big when I got him this tripod flashlight from Stanley.  He uses the heck out of it.   I think this wrench will be just about as big a hit with the dear man of my heart.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Ah, the beauty of hardware stores. I do love them lol. Somehow, every time I go to Lowes or The Home Depot I noticed that I need a few pots (for seeds I've yet to get), light features and a bunch of other goodies I just know will make the house more beautiful. I understand the "lust".

BTW, I've left you something on my writing blog, please stop by and claim it


Morgan said...

Yeah... I'm as happy in a hardware store as in a bookstore which is ever so much happier than in dress stores. :)