Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bits O'Tids

Lemme see.

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I've finished knitting two pair of fingerless mittens, a beret, a lace scarf, and a shawl - projects I started back in August. Gave one pair of the fingerless mittens to one of my sisters already. I even put pics of them up on Ravelry. Felt like I'd invented sliced bread when I worked out thumbs with a lot of help from Crazy Aunt Purl. I have a cowl/coif that is nearly done after intermittent work over the last 4 weeks which will be great for winter wear. The lace scarf was horrible and I'm keeping it because there are too many mistakes and I didn't want to tear it out & start over after the sixth restart. I'm not that patient.

Thanksgiving was good this year. My sister (the one I gave the mittens to) has been trying to get me to enter Albuquerque's Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. I think she has hopes that I will become a runner. Not a prayer. I have bad memories of running in combat boots with shin splints for my Air Force annual fitness eval back in the mid 70s. But I did enter the 2 mile walk. I can walk for dayz. Came in 28th out of 49 with a time of 35.29. I'd already guessed that I'd been somewhere in the middle, but seeing the formal results, I was pleased with my performance as there were younger women in their 20s and 30s who finished 5-7 minutes after me. On the other hand, there were some ladies, a bit older than me, who finished as much as 11 minutes before me. I think they were part of a group of race walkers who were announced.

Watched Obama's speech at West Point tonight. I'm not surprised by the decision and I'm glad he took his time making it. Is it the right one? I don't know if it's perfect yet it seems like its reasonable given the morass he inherited from Bush & Cheney last year. We shall see, but I do know he's not gonna please everyone with his decision.

There have been around 800 Smartfortwo cars sold in Albuquerque. I still like the one whose license plate reads "BITESZ." Bite sized indeed. Cute cars. After all these years of driving and stuff, I've never gone to a car lot and taken a car I liked for a test drive. Money matters being the way they are though, now I suppose they'd want to pre-qualify me as a "potential buyer" complete with credit rating before they'd let me do that test drive. Heh. Sometimes I think the Luddites had a clue.

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