Friday, August 28, 2009

So I Mailed Family, Friends & Acquaintances This Letter....

So I sent a letter yesterday out to the people in my mailing list... Bcc'ed the thing to make sure people didn't get their addresses spread around and harvested by bots.

The content was:

"Ok, I'm at it again in support of Health Care Reform. I thought this article from Guernica was worth reading and passing along. In it, a former Cigna executive discusses his change of heart toward the current health insurance industry and why. I copy and pasted before sending this off to keep your address off external mailing lists.

Health care reform is necessary for all of us. Ensuring that it takes place is, in my opinion, a moral matter -- that we take care of each other and the least of us. When hospitals dump sick, poor people on the streets because they don't have insurance as has happened in cities around the country, it is an obscenity. Our history lessons used to teach that a country is judged by how well it takes care of it's poor and infirm. We're not doing so good in that department.

I was born in an era when America's infant mortality rate was among the lowest in the world. In my lifetime, our infant mortality rate has become as bad as many third world countries. According to the CDC (

) we rank 29th. We used to rank 12th. That kind of drop is an obscenity!

After 30 years of watching the quality of life decline as people have become increasingly unable to afford decent health care, I have become willing to do whatever it takes to help health care reform -- including paying higher taxes and taking my anger to the streets.

Just more of my .02

Hugs to you all!"

Anyhow. I got two positive responses, one "don't spam my inbox with this stuff" and one "Obama needs to grow a pair" note. I do wish I had gotten more responses. The lack of response (even an F* Off!) makes me wonder -- have we become indifferent?

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