Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Did any of you see that pic of the Iranian soccer players with the green wristbands showing their support for Mousavi? I thought to myself, "When they get home, they're gonna be in soooo much trouble." I was right. Saw in the news today that four of them have been "retired" for life. That's just wrong. I know its wrong, you know its wrong, the world knows its wrong. Just as wrong as the life bleeding out of a young woman after a single shot to the heart. It sure makes me wonder why we Americans didn't have the guts to take to the streets nine years ago when Bush stole the election.

Earlier in May, I was just sick and depressed about everything. Even the disarray in our home. The household disarray has been cleared up significantly and it is a more relaxing environment to be in. I'm trying to keep on top of it so it doesn't revert back.

Camping is going to be the activity of the summer. Jim and I have already gone out once with our coven to a sweet spot up past Pena Blanca and I found a wonderful old volcanic hoodoo there that I got a nice picture of and this last weekend we went to the Paliza group campgrounds in the Jemez (pron.: HAY-mez) mountains for the summer solstice. Jim did a workshop on solar ovens Saturday morning, but we were unable to do a demonstration of solar cooking because it was raining! We got nearly an inch of rain. Luckily the pavilion we were under kept us plenty dry.

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