Friday, January 09, 2009

So Far, 2009

So how is your year going so far?

My walking program is getting back on track. It was pretty well derailed throughout most of 2008 following two sprains to my right ankle and a bout with plantar fasciitis - all of which had me hobbling instead of walking smartly for about 10 months or so. Going from being able to walk 3 miles a day fairly easily down to half a mile or less really hurt and I was often in tears from the pain of it. My dog tolerated the reduced pace only because it turned out she was coming down with diabetes and didn't have the energy to walk and play either.

I took a test this week for employment with the Census Bureau. I think I will need to retest because I could not complete the darn test within the half hour time that was allotted. That's kind of embarassing too. It was a short test and I got caught up in trying to break down the logic of a couple of the questions as well as reading a table that went to one of the other questions. Getting tangled on three earlier questions left me unable to finish the last 4 questions in time.

Theres a raft of new books out that I'd love to buy, but with the economy the way it is I will have to wait and hope I get a gift card for the bookstore, or wait longer until they come out in paperback. Ah well. It isn't as though we don't have unread books around here. DH and I both have a book habit. Maybe the secondhand bookstores will see some improvement in sales given the economy.

With more and more newspapers scaling back or going out of business altogether, we really need to save the funny papers. A lot of syndicated cartoonists are losing chunks of income when a paper folds or cuts back on features. I think we need the funnies -- all the way from the stoics like Gasoline Alley to the creepiness of Bizarro and inbetween. We need to laugh, we need the bad puns, the slice-of-life charmers not to mention satire and political cartoons as well. I tell ya, kids today are being deprived!

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