Monday, December 15, 2008

The Wrong Thing To Do

To Whoever You Are Who Set Fire To Sarah Palin's Church:

That was a disgusting, horrible and evil thing to do. You could've killed somebody! There were people with kids in there when you set that fire!

Now, I didn't vote for the McCain/Palin ticket as is clear in my earlier blog posts celebrating Mr. Obama. And I'm just your garden variety pagan witch far, far removed from the Big Three major religions anyway but I think invading a sacred space the way you did is just wrong. There's nothing good about it. Even we pagans understand the insults of sacrilege.

If you thought you were making a statement against Palin or her religious beliefs or just don't care for Pentecostals, you're way out of line. You didn't. To me, and a lot of others, you made a statement about your own poor character and even poorer judgement and you're not someone we're gonna be applauding. You'll get busted. It doesn't matter whether it's the local guys or the ATF who gets you. You'll go to jail which is something you earned for yourself when you doused the church like you did and set flame to it. If the sentence is long enough, it's likely I'd applaud the judge for his or her good sense.

You're nothing but a destroyer and you don't deserve to live among reasonable, decent people for a long time.


A'Jay said...

I didnt know of this but I applaud your words...

Morgan said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)