Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pantries & Parrots With A Dash Of Politics

I'm not done with my first cup of coffee yet. I had a busy sort of week last week.

My friend Willa and her dear hub took a cruise up to Sitka along with a bunch of bridge fans. She left her African Grey parrot at home.

I was the bird sitter. It's not an onerous job, but it's one that is deeply scheduled. Parrots are creatures of habit and they like their routines. Up at 9 a.m. and bed at 9 p.m. In between, there's shoulder time, out on the patio time, on the perch time, cookie time (seeded crackers, actually), and good, good seed time and finally birdie bedtime.

So the Janie bird suffered little disruption to her schedule. I got things done in between. I cleaned and rearranged Willa's pantry. It was about overdue. Her hubby and their boarder Darth Teddy Bear don't think twice about leaving an empty box behind on a shelf, or putting the fresh olive oil on the shelf with the canned fruit. So I found a LOT of duplicates hidden around there. Of course there was the usual dusting and wiping shelves down too. That lil job took about 3 days. Now the trick is educating DTB to rotate older items to the front after he and Willa shop... usually at Costco.

I also read Vince Bugliosi's "The Prosecution Of George W. Bush For Murder". Bugliosi outlines his case that for all our soldiers killed in Iraq, any state could prosecute Bush for murder on the basis of premeditation and him being the CAUSE of the act because of his drive to start an illegal war. It was a fascinating read. Of course, I know (as do many of us already) that Bush was way out of line and breaking the law when he started the war in Iraq to begin with. Unfortunately, our congresscritters were NOT listening to us when we wrote and told them no and do not vote for this insane action.

Another little job was getting our group's non-profit booth ready for Pagan Pride Day which was Sunday. I felt like a kid doing a homework assignment at the last minute. Gotta admit, I just wasn't as enthused as I'd have liked to be. Oh well. (The booth turned out fine and was a busy place a fair amount of the day.)

Willa and hubby got home Saturday night. I had a nice casserole ready for them figuring that after a day of flying that they'd be hungry and not particularly interested in cooking or eating out. Dinner was a hit! I could see the relief in her eyes.

And now, I've got time to be home and on MY computer. I don't gotta wake the birdie and I don't get fresh talon punctures in my hand today!

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