Monday, March 03, 2008

Tis Monday....

Sigh. The weekend was mostly nice.

I've been keeping track of my walking distance on this place called Favorite Run. It has a nifty tool so you can map your route distances and it then will let you break down how far you've walked total per week/month, this month/last month and so on. My distance for February was 63.95 miles, for January (with healing sprains) my distance was just about half that. My total distance so far this year is 106.06 miles including what I did today. Here's an example of one of my routes: You can click on the satellite to get more detail and even zoom in in ya want.

Saturday, met up with my friends Parris and George and their friend Chip at a cat show on the fairgrounds. Oh, my! Kitties everywhere. The handsomest of all were the Maine Coons. Parris ended up buying a lovely ginger Maine Coon female kitten about 3.5 months old. If she could've afforded it, there were only 3 more kittens she'd have taken home too, but it was just the one. For me, there was a handsome mackerel tabby MC, but hey, I'm broke. So I focused on my knitting and enjoying P & G get goofy over the ginger girl.

Sunday was frickin' cold! (The NOT nice part of the weekend!) A cold front moved through slowly heavy with moisture and a bitter wind made it feel icy. You can be sure that I was not up to a long walk and the poor dog got cheated out of said long walk. Jim and I went to Su and Kens to hang out watching movies. I howled through Richard Rodriguez's Planet Terror, a fun, bright homage to the old Grindhouse movies from back when. There were scenes I laughed at til my sides hurt including a damn hot sex scene between 'Cherry' and 'El Wray' that cut to a "missing reel sorry for the inconvenience" splice.

Meanwhile an arrest warrant has been issued in Philadelphia for 24 year old Jose Mendez in the slaying of Teven Rutledge Wilson which I ranted about last week. Mendez is on the run and authorities have labeled him as "armed and dangerous." No shit. Obviously he was dangerous before, too.

In Texas a 16 year old girl along with three others are being charged with murdering her mom and two brothers while her dad clings to life in critical condition. The reason? Her family didn't approve of her relationship with one of the boys who is now involved in that killing. Her bond has been set at 1.5 million dollars. Who's frelling idea was this? I don't wanna hear of any "mercy on accounta I'm an orphan now!" crap.

Hillary is hanging onto her campaign and tomorrow's votes in Texas and Ohio will tell the tale. Rhode Island and Vermont are also holding their primaries tomorrow. Ohio is the biggest prize I think, because it reflects the experiences of job losses due to NAFTA, cuts in the middle class, rising food and fuel costs and more that have trickled down through the rest of the country. Obama has every bit as good a chance in Ohio which I'm glad of as the polls show a very narrow gap between him and Hillary. The politesse has ended and the gloves came off with this weekend's spate of ads. After Tuesday, the next primary will be Pennsylvania. My money is on Obama, folks.

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