Monday, February 25, 2008

There's Something Really Wrong With You, Mister!

Hey you in Phillie with the gun! You're cursed, man!

For a man who will go away, get a gun, return and shoot a 16 year old kid in the face at point blank range AFTER the kid already apologized repeatedly for accidentally hitting you with badly thrown snowball, I can only think you've got a really small pair. Kinda goes with being a cursed man, though. You are. You're messed up in the head. You're cursed. And I'm probably not the only one cursing you either.

There's something really wrong with you, mister. Wrong, for thinking you're SO damned important that Teven Rutledge Wilson's bad aim was worth killing him over. I'm over here in NM and don't know you, but I think you're a pathetic waste of a man. There's something wrong with your thinking. There's something wrong with the way you feel and it showed when you shot Tavin. As my husband says, "A snowball is not equal to a gun."

You're cursed man! I really gotta hope you haven't sired any offspring yet. I really do, because I want you to die childless. No woman wanting children should get involved with you. I think when they know what you did to Teven, they should run for their lives because you're the kind of bastard who'd hurt them and any kid they may have or produce! The black community doesn't need guys like you; you're nothing but destroyers. You don't build anything of value. In fact no community needs guys like you; the fewer of you there are, the better off everyone else is.

More selfishly, I want Teven's family to remember him with love and to pass that legacy of love down through their descendants unto the 7th generation and longer. But I don't want that for you. You don't deserve it. You're already dead in that gun-hardened heart. Your life is cursed. You can profess any religion you like, but I reckon it'll be just a sham to get a little sympathy. You shall not have any safe haven that lasts save your own grave. If people remember you at all it should be with revulsion and contempt. You're an evil hearted man and people should make signs warding against that evil when your name comes up.

There's something way wrong with you, mister. You can suck air til' you're an old, old man in some prison. You can die there cursed and alone. You've earned it.

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