Friday, February 01, 2008

It Takes Cowards....

It takes some real cowards to dress mentally retarded women up with bombs and send them into market places and then detonate the bombs by remote control. Let's add this to the examples of moral & ideological bankruptcy characterizing Islamist extremism. I don't think there will be any virgins in heaven for the men who came up with that scheme! I wish I could throw my sandals in their faces! Yes, I know it's insulting.

But how contemptuous of life is it to use the weakest amongst us as tools for death? These people, mentally disabled as they are not normally a part of any culture's ideologues, theologians, firebrands or haters. I can't believe that the simplest of us us (regardless of culture) are capable of giving fully informed, knowledgeable consent as to all the ramifications of going as a living bomb into a market place: consenting to cause terror to the survivors, to bring death to a community's most common life activities because one tribe hates another and asserts the ascendancy of their sect's beliefs over the others. I doubt these women could fully know that they would leave behind grieving parents, widows, widowers who may not thank them for their loved one's deaths in their heart of hearts much less form the desire for that kind of havoc and destruction.

It's cowards who use these unknowing ones as their tools. What right thinking person anywhere in the world would say it was anything less than appalling? What? Me want to value and emulate that level of wanton uncaring? Not a chance! Not my soul!

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