Tuesday, February 12, 2008



1. Obama won three more -- DC, Maryland and Virginia primaries! I really like this trend. Winning Maine Sunday was all good too!

2. The writers signed an agreement ending their strike, so re-run season will be ending shortly. I've missed my guilty pleasures -- especially the original CSI.

3. My old friend Alley and I finished laying down 12 yards of landscaping crusher fine. That is -- shoveling it from where it was dumped into wheelbarrows, moving it by the barrow load to where it was being put in, dumping, raking and repeating. The job took us 4 short days. If someone had told me that's 1 ton per yard, I'd have wavered about helping. On the other hand, there is something satisfying knowing that I can work that hard at my age, not wreck my back and say "It didn't feel like 12 tons!"

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