Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Early Notes On Votes

Well, DH went out early to vote only to find the polls didn't open til' noon here. After cooling our heels for a few hours back at de casa, him reading and me knitting, we went back to our polling place and found a full parking lot, so we parked on the street. Inside, the line was already long and getting longer as people from three different precincts were showing up.

The school on our street is a polling place for a few other districts (our street is the dividing line and we're on the side where we have to travel a little to go vote) and the traffic on the street is misery for all the cars on it. Much worse than the after school pick up. Today I'm glad of it, because I know those people are going to vote and it makes me feel good and proud!

Oh... and I did vote for Obama!

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